Hardness: 5.00

Refractive Index: 1.63-1.64

Specific Gravity: 3.20


Birthstone: December

Astral Stone:

Anniversary Stone:


Origination: Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Brazil, East Africa, Mexico & Spain


Care & Cleaning: Apatite is an extremely fragile gem that should be handled with care. It is best set in earrings and pendants, and is not considered suitable for bracelets. Clean with a soft polishing cloth or plain water rinse.


Fiction, Facts & Folklore:


Apatite can be found in many colors, including pink, yellow and a lovely shade of turquoise, itsí most common form. It also is sometimes found in a clear, colorless state.


Apatite in its usual blue-green state closely resembles the costly aqua tourmaline from the Paraiba mine in Brazil.


Other than color, the two gems have nothing in common. Apatite is relatively affordable, while the Paraiba tourmaline is one of the most expensive of its group.


The most sought after color of apatite is violet.


A green variety of apatite found in Spain is sometimes known as ďasparagus stoneĒ.


Apatite occasionally is found to posses a catís eye effect. As one might expect, these gems are always cut en cabochon.


Astrologers often link apatite catís-eye with the southern lunar node Ketu.