Gem Rough Gallery

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Fire Agate

Agate Geode - Normal View

Agate Geode - Closeup

Green Agate

Amber Close Up

Amethyst in various colors and forms

Amethyst that's more clear quartz than anything else.

Amethyst Group Shot - Check the variation in colors here

Amethyst Geode

Amethyst - Ametrine Comparison


Aqua - Green with rutile inclusions

Aqua Crystal with calcite top

Aqua Crystal

Aqua Crystal Closeup

Aqua group shot - Look at the varying forms and colors

Aqua Geode with many points

White Aquamarine - Not Goshenite - Some different properties

Beryl Group includes Emerald, Heliodor, Goshenite, Morganite and Aquamarine


Blue Chalcedony

Chrysocolla rock formation


Citrine Dark & Light Color Comparison

Citrine - Dark Closeup

Coral - Protected in nearly every corner of the world.

Emerald crystal with carbon

Emerald Crystal Closeup

Emerald Group Shot - What a variation in color & structure

Garnet Red Crystal Closeup

Garnet Grouping including two Rhodolites. Can you tell which are which?

Goshenite or White Beryl

Heliodor or Golden Beryl in an almost solid state

Heliodor or Golden Beryl Crystal

Iolite Closeup

Jasper in one of its many forms


Kunzite Crystal Closeup




Morganite Closeup

Snowflake Obsidian - Pretty obvious how it got its name too


Precious Opal

Fire Opal

Peridot Closeup

Peridot Grouping - China and Arizona

Quartz Crystal with Black Tourmaline Rutiles

Quartz Crystal Points


Rhodolite Crystal Closeup

Garnet & Rhodolite Comparison

Rhodolites in volcanic rock


Ruby Crystal Closeup

Blue Ceylon Sapphire Rough

Smoky Quartz Dark Opaque


Spectrolite - A form of feldspar, from Finland.

Sunstone from Oregon

Tanzanite Crystal Closeup

Tanzanite Semi-Clear Crystal with obvious impurities

Tanzanite 3 piece group including dark green opaque Zoisite with 2 Tanzanite Crystals

Imperial Topaz

White Topaz. White? Clear? Colorless? That's a stretch here.

Green Tourmaline Closeup

Pink Tourmaline Closeup

Pink Tourmaline Crystal Group