Kunzite Mine Closes In Brazil

Minas Gerais void could lead to worldwide shortage


After conversations with a number of vendors and stone dealers, including one who has offices in Brazil, this writer can come to announce that the Kunzite mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil has run dry. This mine has been the world's leading provider for the beautiful lavender-pink gem for many decades, and it's void is going to eventually lead the gem down the road to extinction.

Experts pretty much agreed that the best goods came from this mine, and although there will certainly be rough around for an undetermined period of time, it's number is just about up. The only other viable place at this time for Kunzite is the very unfriendly Afghanistan - Pakistan border, a difficult area to access even when things in the area are safe. In addition, these goods are said to be of a slightly lesser grade than those that came from Brazil. These mines do not have enough goods nor capacity for keeping this beautiful Spodumene going forever.

These shortages mean one thing for certain: the price of Kunzite is going up. Pick up what you can at today's prices, because they won't be today's prices for very long.