Hardness: 5.00

Refractive Index: 1.48-1.51

Specific Gravity: 2.40



Astral Stone:

Anniversary Stone:


Origination: The only known source for moldavite is the former Czechoslovakia.


Care & Cleaning: Moldavite is a fragile gem that should be handled with care. Clean with a soft polishing cloth, plain water rinse or mild solution of soap & water.


Fiction, Facts & Folklore:


Moldavite is the bottle green variety of the tektite mineral group.


It is a natural glass similar in structure to obsidian.


The first evidence of moldavite dates back to the end of the 18th century.


It was named for the Moldau river valley, the place where it was first found.


At first, moldavite was believed a result of volcanic activity.


Today, there are two theories as to its origin. Some geologists believe that it was actually formed in the earth as a direct result of heat and pressure from large meteorites that were embedded in the earth. A second group theorize that the moldavite is a meteor itself, that formed after cooling in the earth’s atmosphere.


Moldavite is sometimes called “the stone of the heavens”.


The moldavite is believed to be among the oldest gems on earth, perhaps dating back millions of years to the very formation of our planet.


A brownish green variety of tektite that is found only in Thailand is sometimes seen in the production of vases and other artifacts. This mineral is not considered to be a gem-grade material.