Petrified Wood

Hardness: 7.00

Refractive Index: 1.53-1.54

Specific Gravity: 2.61



Astral Stone:

Anniversary Stone:


Origination: Egypt, Argentina, the former Czechoslovakia and the United States.


Care & Cleaning: Rub lightly with a soft polishing cloth. A dab of olive oil will bring out a lovely shine.


Fiction, Facts & Folklore:


Petrified wood actually begins itsí life as an organic matter. As it decomposes, its organic materials are replaced by agate.


This makes it a member of the chalcedony mineral group.


Jasper, quartz and even opal are sometimes found residing in petrified wood.


The specific gravity of petrified wood will vary somewhat in accordance to its composition.


Petrified wood is literally a stone fossil.


It is most often brown, but may also be gray or green in appearance.


The most famous site for petrified wood is the Petrified Forest National Park near the town of Holbrook, Arizona. It can also be found in the state of Nevada.


Petrified wood is often buried in Sequoia, Oak and Cypress trees as they decay below the surface of the earth.


Petrified wood has been around almost since the beginnings of time.